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Choose a Lift Recliner with eHomeHealthCare


Choosing the right recliner for you with eHomeHealthcare.com

Recliners make a wonderful gift any time of year for those who will appreciate the comfort and style of seat picked just for them. If you have been looking for a recliner in the West Shore, Mechanicsburg to Harrisburg area, as a gift for someone else or for yourself, we are right here in Camp Hill ready to assist you with your selection. First let’s review 5 Top Points to Consider when making your recliner purchase.

1)    Footprint

Keep in mind how much physical space you have in the room where the recliner will be located. Consider the space available in your room both in width but also in height. Showrooms will often make recliner chairs look smaller than they will look in your home. 

We have worked to create a home like feel to our Camp Hill showroom to make sure you feel at home when you are here and to better see your recliner in your home. 

Make sure you use a tape measure before you come in or in the showroom to go back home and make sure before you make your final selection. Often is you know your manufacturer and model you can find dimensions online.

2)    Body Fit

It doesn’t matter how great it looks if it doesn’t fit. Knowing the height and weight of the primary user is important. Make sure the depth and length of the chair fit. You want to sit with your hips all the way back in the seat. If your legs don’t reach the floor you may 

need a shorter seat, or if your knees stick out then the seat is too short. You really need to experience a recliner to feel how it fits your body size.

The more options for positioning a recliner has the more likely you are to find one to suit you. Some lines have multiple sizes in the same style, while other lines are one size fits all. You really need to try them out and sit for awhile to make sure you don’t experience any pain in your neck or legs, and you should not have any back pain. To find a relaxing comfortable fit, come in and put your feet up.

3)    Features

There are several types of recliners categorized by the number of positions they can attain. A two-position chair is built to recline to as much as a 45-degree angle, while a three-position chair will recline further to an almost completely flat position. Infinite-position lift chairs recline to a full horizontal position, and feature a dual motor design which allows the footrest to operate independently of the seat back, providing real comfort for those with more needs.

4)    Style

Most manufacturers offer the buyer a choice of fabrics once the above factors have been considered and your choice has been made. At eHomeHealthCare.com we carry Pride and Golden manufactured chairs, and they both offer highly breathable comfort fabrics that offer safety and durability benefits as well as being highly resistant to stains and temperature fluctuations which is very important for chairs that include with the heat and massage features.

All of our chairs are made in the United States and most of them are manufactured right here in Pennsylvania. We are locally-owned and family-operated in Camp Hill. So you get the satisfaction of buying local and with a very low carbon footprint as the chair don’t ship very far to get here.  

Stop in to try and put your feet up in a safe space. We are located next to McDonalds at 415 St. Johns Church Road, Ste # 203 Camp Hill, PA 17011.